Over the years I have had the opportunity to design for a wide variety of business industries and support them with variety of needs. 


Holly Konrady

Yoga & Mindfulness

Brief Scope: Holly had been in the yoga, mindfulness, and wellness industry for over 30 years and was looking for a website redesign to better reflect her experience, personality, and professionalism. 


Michael J. Leone

Storyboard Art Portfolio

Brief Scope: Michael J. Leone had been working in the film industry as a storyboard artist for years. He was looking for a site to display a brief preview of his art and film experience. As an artist it was important to him that the art be the main focus, so we took a clean artistic approach to his display.


Scuba Ventures

Scuba Certification & Travel

Brief Scope: Scuba Ventures is a Scuba certification company that also offers equipment rentals and travel. The owner was looking for something to showacase all they offer with a fun flair. 


Beer BarRio

Restaurant with Online Menu 

Brief Scope: Beer Barrio is an award winning restaurant in Wilmington, NC. They had recently updated some of their design elements and menu, so were looking. toget their in-house menus redesigned, as well as their online menu updated to reflect. Their menu is used continuously on mobile devices for customers to review, so it was important the website be mobile responsive and designed with restaurant goers in mind. 

Dog Training

Blue Fawn Maine

Professional Training with Class Registration, Events, and Booking

Brief Scope: Blue Fawn Maine is a professional dog training studio located in Waterboro, Maine. BFM wanted a site that expressed the playfulness of the company balanced with cleanliness, professionalism, and love. The site has integrated class registration functions allowing customers to register their pets in the system and go through multi-week series, as well as one off events and workshops. 

E-commerce & cbd

Simple AF

Labeling, E-Commerce, Affiliates, Subscriptions

Brief Scope: Simple AF is a CBD company based out of Grand Junction, Colorado. They were looking for support with their logo and labeling, which as the name states, is Simple AF. They alsoo wanted support in creating. awebsite to sell their products, allow for affiliate sign-ups, and subscriptions to their products. Being in the CBD industry, it was important. tootake into consideration legalities and labeling requirements. 

Vacation Rental

Fruita Crash Pad


Brief Scope: Fruita Crash Pad is a vacation rental company based out of Colorado. The focus of the site was to move the power of booking from a third party company into the hands of the property manager. This allowed them to save money on booking fees, as well as have more control over what they wanted too display.